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How many calories do you eat on a low carb day? And what's the calorie composition like for both days? Is it a good idea to wake up at 8 and eat breakfast after you work out at 2? Because your blood sugar level is lowest in the morning. I get migraines so I don't think I would want to mess with that too much. What do you mean by vegetable based starches? From what I know, if it's not starches, it's sugar and if you're getting that from vegetables then you'll probably only get 100-200 a day, which is a far cry from 50% of your calories.

I think the bloating has resolved itself. It was probably since I started exercising about a week ago or so. I like cardio a lot more than I do weightlifting. Probably because I don't have any weights :P. I do basic bodyweight resistance exercises though, like pushups, crunches and dips. I don't think I'll need to work out my lower body much with all the cardio I'm doing and fencing (my thighs will turn out bigger than they need to be even without resistance training, they kind of already have). Although lunges would definitely help fencing so I might want to look into that. But not looking at too much strain on my knees in one day though.

June 16

Today's workout: Biking at 12.3 mph for one hour. Followed up with 45 minutes of golf. It wasn't as good as yesterday, but my waist was really tired from biking and so it was harder for me to isolate my upper and lower bodies. Also my hip didn't listen to me when I tell it to turn. But practicing when tired seems like a good idea because you have to try a lot harder to get your body to do what it needs to do, so your weaknesses and improvements become a lot more clear. A much needed rest day comes tomorrow!

June 17

Today's workout: 50 minutes of fencing. I broke into a real sweat afterwards but I learned a new drill that goes like this: hit, step-hit, lunge, step-lunge. Did a lot of lunging today to add to running and cycling. Also 50 minutes of brisk walking getting to and from the place. The /real/ rest day begins tomorrow! I would do a bit of strength training today, but golf and fencing have destroyed my left and right arms, my waist, my neck and my quads, so I think I will push that off to tomorrow.

Since I'm biking and lunging a lot from fencing, is doing squats a good idea or is it redundant? Should I focus on increasing the weight I squat versus the endurance aspect of biking and fencing to get the best of both worlds?