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    Are you ready for adventure Cobalt?
    • Preface

      This project was created from Pokemon Script Project by Krosk.
      I want to say that I am not sure of finishing this project, but has to give me up!
      Thank you to those that believe in us and given us time, resources and aids!
    • Scénario

      An amnesiac boy is found along a beach. Not knowing who he was or where he was.
      He decided to rebuild a new life, unfortunately for him the events occur
      around the island and despite it is embedded in the adventure of a lifetime!
      Accompanied by his friends that he will be under roads, it will survey the area and discover Aranno
      all its secrets guided by a strange bird that takes you by the end of the nose (or beak!) in this thrilling adventure.
    • Personnages

      Age - 18
      Sex - Masculine
      Role in History - Heroes
      Status - amnesia and become heroes
      Having lost his memory and his only family, "his grandfather.
      He finds himself on an island not knowing who he is or where he is he decides to survey the islands and
      finds himself unwillingly embark property stories.


      Age - 28 years
      Sex - Masculine
      Role in History - Professor
      Status - Unknown
      After the Sinnoh League, he decided to stop at Aranno to learn more about the fauna of this region.
      He will be sadly hunted by Team Juraci!

      Age - Unknown
      Sex - Masculine
      Role in the story - Adjuvant
      [B] Status [/ b] - Orphan and become heroes
      Inhabitant of the region Aranno, it only has a family and its absol weapon master.
      They often help you, but your paths will separate one day.
      We know little about him, but he would be involved in the abduction of a certain Aurora.
      So, friend or foe?


      Age - Unknown
      Sex - Feminine
      Role in History - Opponent
      Status - Head of Ectoplasm
      Blue is the leader of the V iolets E ctoplasma, thus it will be your enemy.
      You will confront this rivalry often and will gradually become a friendship.
    • Région


      La faune est aussi diverse que les Hommes qui peuplent cette archipel.
      A certains endroit les POKéMON et les Hommes cohabitent ensemble et dans d'autre, l'un ou l'autre
      à imposer sa marque ! Personne ne sait réellement de choses sur cette région, mais il se pourrait que guerre entre êtres vivants se prépare !
    • News

      On the program, the game offers a whole new interface:
      Le POKéPOD !

      Depth explanations

      Menu from top right:


      Refreshes every minute and is identical to the time of the PC (easy to cheat ^ ^ So.).

      Part Pokemon

      Allows one-click to access the page and refreshes the POKéMON wanted one every time a new
      monster joins you.

      The quick menu

      It is touch sensitive and can interact quickly between menus.

      Menu pokemon / Dex / Bag
      Trainer Map / World Map / Menu Quest
      Menu Options / Save / Return.


      In this part will be transcribed on the map where you were.
      [/ Hide]

      And a brand new next gen will come this pretty populated area
    • [Size = 18] Emblems and rules of the region [/ size]

      Forget everything you know about the badge, here only to account.
      Oh yes, one designed to be unknown to a whole new tournament:


      The rules are simple.
      Gather the emblems (badge equivalent) in the different islands of the region and bring them on the island of Celestia.
      The first 10 will be entitled to participate in the playoffs and be crowned "DEATH MASTER"!

      BUT, some laws such as fighting in groups enter into force.
      You will have the opportunity to recruit teammates who will join you (not to be confused with the double battles).
      Therefore, if you beat a clan create a group of trainer you will have the chance to recruit a member of their clan and
      winning objects that will be useful strengths.
      So, Iku Ze!
    • Clans

      As mentioned previously, the clans are groups of trainers who have decided together to win this
      more easily because their strength is close to 0.
      They will be under the command of a trainer who once defeated will offer a rare item (CS / others) and its emblem,
      show your supremacy. Some even offer you other means of locomotion as a gallop or RAPASDEPIC!

      Black Cornèbre

      A group of young people in attacks in places perched and forests.
      Beware their assault!

      Blue Goinfrex
      Large guzzlers that encircle you in platitudes (store, center or other)
      Their POKéMON be very robust.

      Pink Excelangue
      Girls looking for love and that you follow through.

      Violet Ectoplasma

      Peerless fighters who are afraid of anything except the light!

      Grey Zoruark
      Very great fighters that have known little.

      Blue Lucario
      Former members of Goinfrex, they are very good at fighting in melee.
    • Teams

      As in all games, some players like to break the rules (yes it is known).
      Two clans decided to play with fire:

      Team Genesis
      A clan of crazy electronics who want to recreate a more avant-garde.

      Team Juracique
      A clan led by teens (hence the mistake in the name of the group), who wants to revive the ancient age.

      Two groups that will destroy before they destroy the region Aranno. * Enjoy *
      Will you go to?
    • Screens & Systèms

      [flash width=480 height=381 loop=true flashvars=][/flash][flash width=480 height=381 loop=true flashvars=][/flash]
    • Avancements

    • Remerciements

    • Krosk
    • Slash
    • Pal'
    • NewTiteuf
    • Marco'
    • Yourii
    • Evilmad
    • Onion-Kun
    • Gif'
    • Necroma
    • Jak Jay
    • Mymir
    • Light
    • Sansonic
    • Wati'
    • Blue's
    • Greg'
    • Peace-or-die
    • Spaceemotion
    • Alves57
    • Kay
    • Shadow
    • Yumiki
    • Speed
    • Brendan 75
    • Mugz
    • Solfay
    • Astreos
    • Kymotonian
    • Blueghosty
    • KH Insiders
    • Alistair
    • Northern Lights
    • Spriters ressources
    • Toutes les personnes ayant participées à :
    • PSP4G+
    • PSP0.7
    • And of course to all those I have forgotten (I mp ^-^")