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    Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
    We could also treat Drakow with a lot more respect. Sure, he may think he's lord of darkness, sure, he probably has a crush on like 10 female PC members and sure, his adamant desire to have 2 Dragon and 3 Dark types limits his team's potential, but you're all forgetting one thing. Drakow is just like we all were at one point: Eager to learn about the metagame and make some friends along the way. I know it's part of the famous "S&M Culture", but no one ridiculed us when we were learning, I know I sure wasn't ridiculed when I used bad counterteams and got 6-0'd by all of the regulars, so why does he have to get ridiculed?
    Hmhmhm . . .


    I'm not exactly in the greatest of moods, so I'd like to thank you for agitating me even further. Witness the ignited wrath of the Overlord, for you have triggered my unbound fury.

    Back in 2007, while I didn’t have many friends on here, I at least had some. Maria Santos, _Prince_ , Lumine and Lady Nicole were most of them. Fast forward to 2011 and currently I do not have any friends. Not a single one. I do not want your pity. Darkness is my only ally now.

    You people claim my team sucks due to my style but let me tell you this. The weak minded conform themselves to the standards set by society. Do you want to know why. It is because humans are fearful of that which they do not understand. They are afraid of things that are beyond the reach of their control. You can laugh at me for being different. I will laugh right back because most of you are the same.

    As to date, not a single person has yet defeated me in this topic. Truly pathetic considering how poor my team seemingly is, according to you lot. How dare you mock me. Is this really the best Pokecommunity has to offer. COME OUT AND FIGHT COWARDS. I WILL CRUSH YOU ALL. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!

    I will become the opposing force Pokecommunity needs right now.

    Give in to your anger.

    Hate me.

    Curse me.



    How’s that for promoting activity in the battle stadium.
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