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A New Rivalry

Heh, I think I'm gonna like this guy. Ryudo thought to himself as he followed Malik out of the stadium. Ryudo had certainly enjoyed the battle he had just endured with his new companion, but he couldn't help feeling underwhelmed by the strength he seemed to show. He knew that Dragonair was doomed from the start against a Steel type like Bronzong and was naturally nervous of keeping up the same standard in their future matches, but even so he had still expecting more from this seemingly highly experienced man he'd be paired up with. "So that's how you hold yourself in battle, huh? Not too bad, needs a little work though. Not that you'll need it; you can't deny that my Bronzong is strong enough to win the whole tournament single-handed." he said with a cheeky smirk as the pair exited the main complex and made their way out into the surrounding area, noticing a cloud of smoke appearing from a nearby tree. "Hey dude, did you see that?"

They made their way over to the burning tree before being stopped by Ryudo's Emolga who had been charged throughout the whole battle that'd just taken place. Emolga seemed to be sizing up some unknown Pokémon perched atop a large tree before running at full speed to try and catch it off guard as Ryudo shouted after her. "Wait Emolga, where are you going!? Come back here right now!" Emolga was already out of ear shot. It was obvious she'd seen a threat in that tree and she wasn't about to let it hurt her friends. Ryudo and the others hurried after Emolga as a Pidgeot shot out of the tree as a result of Emolga's impact, before Ryudo followed suit and collided into a man training what looked like a giant yellow overgrown spider; a Pokémon Ryudo had never even heard of before. That thing is a Pokémon, right?

"Hey, watch where you're going! I'm in a hurry here!"
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