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Yuki looked out from the bow of the boat carrying her to the island on which the tournement was being held. The sea had been bumpy and that was not helped by the weather, which had been lousy from the get-go, although the sun had started to peek through the clouds and gave the whole ride a much better mood.
As the boat stopped at the dock bumping against the wooden planks, slightly rocking the ship, she picked up her slightly sodden bag and threw it on her back.

"Emolga, its time to go-", she called up into the air and before she had even answered
the small electric squirrel landed on her head looking down at her smiling.
As they both left the ship, she was passed a small booklet with rules embossed on the cover and room pass on a ribbon.

She sat on a grassy nook looking out onto the docks, with her partner Shiny Emolga by her side. she looked down at the small but thick book.
"They expect me to read this?", as she skimmed her fingers over the pages of the book stopping at various points, barely taking in any of the infomation.
"I guess..I could read it la-later" She said through, long drawn-out yawns, laying her head down on the grass. The now bright sun shone on her making her feel drowsy.

It must have been at least a hour later as the sun was now covered by clouds, she woke up with a jolt not realising she drifted to sleep,
As she wiped her eyes and stretched she looked up, seeing a person right in front of her.
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