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Alex Hall

Fangs training was becoming repetitive, but the attack was gradually getting better, with more and more of the tree vaporising from force. Soon enough the tree was smoking from its beating, and Fang was very pleased with himself.

Yelling in the distance caught Alex's attention, but before he could work out what they were saying a spunky Emolga sprung out of the grass, running past him before launching itself in to the tree which Squirt was perched on.

The bird pokémon let out a surprised whelp as the little ball of squirrel collided with it, a spot-on tackle attack even through the tree's foliage. Luckily, the Pidgeot manage to regain flight before hitting the ground, soaring up in to the sky to try and work out what had just happened.

"Cawwww!!" Screeched the distraught Squirt, spotting the Emolga in the tree tops, flapping her wings the bird started forming a dramatic blue twister in front of her.

Alex, barely able to keep up with the speedy pokémon, yelled up, "Wait, Squirt - Stop!" Ordering the bird down to his side and away from the hyperactive Unovian pokémon.

"Hey, watch where you're going! I'm in a hurry here!" Called a voice from behind Alex, right behind Alex. With an unsettling 'oomph' he was pushed to the floor, narrowly missing the confused Fang. A black haired boy, perhaps a little shorter than himself, stood over Alex.

"What the hell?!" Alex screamed at the boy, getting to his feet - his Medicham quickly appearing in front of him, arms poised defensively.

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