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    Salem "Rolly" Walters

    Sheesh, it's as though everyone but Rolly had one of these fancy schmancy starter Pokémon these days. But then, everybody likely carried around more Pokémon then him. Cause and effect, nothing to do about it.

    No, wait, that didn't make much sense together at all.

    Luckily for all three of them, Rolly had just enough self-preservation instinct to desist in trying to manhandle fire any further. Actually, that was a lie. He just couldn't get to the Charizard with Mina in the way. But it looked like he did, which must have been suitably impressive. "So whadda ya think about our chances for winning? I dunno, our combined team seems... Lacking."

    The boy meandered himself over to the couch and flopped back, purposefully squashing Waltz much to the Luxray's protests. "When you think about it, I've got Swing. He's a fire type. I've got Waltz, he's an electric type. Polka is water... You've got your Charizard-" Rolly very slowly repeated the name, just to make sure he had it right. "Which looks like a firey beast as well. Good thing he's got a pair of wings~ And Dragon types! That'll be a huge advantage! And then you have your Tyranitar-" Again, slowly repeated to avoid a silly slip. "And he's pretty craggy lookin'. Rock, right? Steel? Ground? And then your Milotic, which is also Water." Rolly dismissed his own musings with a needless wave, and lay his head back into Waltz's fur as he thought with his speech.

    "If we face up to any Rock or Ground types... Sure, we have Polka and... Milotic-" Names were not his strong suit. Had she even told him their names? Probably. He couldn't remember. "But that's still four of our group down. I don't want to put too much stock into all this typing nonsense, but that's still a serious problem right there. And most Rock'n'Ground types are very physically biased, which means Polka might be stuck with some troubles..."

    Sure, Polka was capable of exploiting their weaknesses very thoroughly. But she was especially fragile, even in comparison to the rest of his team, and she was physically based. If she couldn't crack through the enemies defenses... His whole team was gonna get walloped.

    The concern on Rolly's face was apparent. An unfocused gaze, excessive lip nibbling, a large frown... He might have said otherwise, but he did put a lot of stock into that 'type' nonsense. He'd spent several hours of study in preparation for his hometown tournaments to memorize type advantages and weaknesses.

    This didn't bode well at all.
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