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Alex Hall

"I, uh... umm... S-Sorry..." The boy stuttered, seeming to change in demeanour. His Emolga cried loudly as Squirt, once again, launched a twister in its direction. The other trainer looked up, following the cry, and quickly ran off again.

"Ack, my name's Ryudo, nice to meet you!" He shouted back. The flying pokémon clashed around the training tree, "Emolga, stop that now!" Ordered the boy, You'll get us disqualified! What happened here anyway?" Alex laughed to himself, watching Ryudo try to reason with his energetic electric pokémon. Medicham chuckled as well, amused by the trainer's lack of authority. Ryudo? Alex was sure that name rung a bell, but he just couldn't put his finger on where. Although since they were both trainers it wouldn't be unusual to bump in to the same crowd.

"That's it. Emolga, return!"

That's one-nil to you Squirt, thought Alex with a little smirk. His Pidgeot was a very competitive bird, when she wasn't racing against Fang or battling with Medicham she was always on the look out for a new rivalry. Ryudo looked back, after finally securing his Emolga, with an odd expression - was that a blush? Well I'd be embarrassed if that was my Emolga. Backing away from Squirt, Ryudo turned away and headed back - to another trainer who must have followed.

"What was that about," Alex murmured to his bemused Medicham. The fighting pokémon just shrugged in response, regaining its spot on the grass and lying back down. "Now's not the time for rest, jeez," he said as Medicham closed its eyes - really not caring what Alex had to say. Maybe me and Ryudo have more in common than I though.

"Fang! Squirt! Return guys, lets go find something to eat," the two pokémon cheered, happily returning to their pokéballs instead of training for the rest of the day. "You too, lazy guts," Alex added, returning Medicham to the confines of his ball.

Heading back to the Creation Dorm, he remembered leaving some snacks lying around - squashed from being in his bag for the long journey. It wasn't luxury but it would have to do for now.

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