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Pokémon Manga Caption Contest!

Welcome back! Or if this is your first time in the caption contest, a huge warm welcome to you~
In this thread, we will present to you a panel from a pokémon manga, and it's your job to come up with what the characters in the panel are saying. It's a caption contest! If it goes well, this will return with new panels every week.

NOTE: it's not a guessing contest, it's a creative contest! Even if there are speech bubbles in the actual manga panel, you are supposed to come up with a new line of text (or several) that just fits with the picture somehow - according to you!

The winner will be smugly featured in my (Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers) signature for a week as well get the chance to help me judging next week's winner and what new panel to use! That. Is. Glamorous.

Judges of #5:
Manga Reader X
& Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers


  • Abide by PokéCommunity's rules. Such as minimum 4 words / post and no vulgarities.
  • You can only submit one caption / week, and the winner will be announced around Saturday.
  • You can of course not submit the same caption as someone else. Be as original as you can!
  • Your caption can either be what the characters are saying OR another line of text or series of words that you think fit with the panel of the week. It's up to your imagination!
  • Post your entry in this thread and try to keep chit-chat posts to a minimum~ If you want to chit-chat more deeply about the manga or this contest - go to the List & Chit-chat thread!

Panel #5

Scan: PacificPikachu
This panel is courtesy of Manga Reader X, last week's winner. It's from a Pokémon "4koma", a Japanese kind of comic strips with 4 panels. There are tons of these, all official. Seems like the trainer is going pretty violent in the last scene :x Or is he whopping up a salad? It's all up to you.

Good luck!

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