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    o.o Im finally back, what'd i miss Yellow.

    Name: James Storeson

    Nickname: Jay


    Gender: Male

    Dorm: Suicune Dorm

    Appearance : I can't post links yet, so I pm'ed you his Trainer sprite in hopes that you can edit it into the post.

    Personality: Jay is normally shy around people he doesn't know that well, once he talks to somebody a few times he is not as shy around them then he was before, just being near them can help him meet new people. He has no problems with adults when it comes to shyness though. When battling Jay takes it as though his own life was on the line, he hates losing a battle to another trainer, but loves his pokemon so he never abandons or punishes them for losing like some trainers *cough cough* Damien *cough*. Jay often protects wild pokemon from harm, he also is extremely loyal to his pokemon and friends. From growing up in Saffron City Jay belives that he has some sort of psychic power, even though he dosen't.

    History: Jay grew up in Kanto, Saffron city to be more exact. His parents were extremely against him leaving the city to go pick a starter pokemon from Professor Oak, eventually the Saffron gym leader Sabrina found out that one of the pokemon loving citizens in her town wasn't able to get his own pokemon, so she brought him his first ever pokemon a Gastly. Jay learned almost immediately that his Gastly, which he named Nightmare since it was a ghost, was a huge prankster. It would often pop up in places to scare Jay and his parents, Nightmare absolutely loved that he could fly through walls, once he learned he could also fly through people he spent a lot of time doing it to scare trainers. Even though he had a pokemon his parents still refused to let him leave on an adventure. Jay would often sneak away from the house to train with his Gastly. But one lucky day Jay was accepted into the Pokemon Trainer Academy, his father still wouldn't let him leave, but later that night of all people the town's Gym leader and his idol Sabrina woke Jay up and handed him some money and a few pokeballs and told him to go ahead and go to the academy. Before Jay actually made it to the Academy he came across two pokemon that he caught, a Vaporeon and a Scyther. He found Vaporeon being attacked by a pack of Scyther, instead of fighting them off Nightmare simply put them to sleep with Hypnosis, the Vaporeon ran onto Jay's shoulder trying to tell him that he wanted to go with Jay. Jay accepted the Vaporeon and started to walk away when he noticed an injured Scyther lying close to the sleeping pack, it seemed that the Scyther refused to attack the Vaporeon so they attacked her also. JAy put the Scyther in a pokeball then ran to a Center to get it some help before continuing to the Academy.

    Pokémon (Maximum of 3. No legendaries, 'shiny' or stage 3 pokémon. Oddly colored but not specifically 'shiny' pokemon are allowed, however.):

    Species: Haunter (Male)
    Nickname: Luce
    Personality: The best word to describe Hauntwe is Lokie, Luce is a huge prankster and very hyper-active, his favorite prank is to fly through people.
    Moves: Hypnosis
    Shadow ball
    dream eater
    Sucker Punch

    Species: Umbreon
    Nickname: Ricki (Female)
    Personality: Ricki is extremely shy, if confronted by another trainer or pokemon (outside of battle) more than likely it'll hide in the closest shadow.
    Lvl: 20
    Faint Attack
    Dark Pulse
    Shadow Ball

    Species: Happiny (Female)
    Personality: Friendly, will run up to other pokemon and trainers hoping to befriend them.
    Lvl: 10
    Shadow ball

    Gonna re post my app to see if theres any changes that happened to the app while ive been gone?
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