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    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    I never said you hadn't thought it through; I did say that you didn't tell us how we move between dimensions. :x

    Anyway. Even if the Academy is only to learn how to co-exist with humans, genocide is not something easily forgiven. Or are we meant to ignore this little tidbit: "About a year later it escelated, a war started between the humans and the Youkai's and alot humans and Youkai's died in this war, so far that some Youkai species were eradicated." ?
    Riiiggghhttt ^^; thats something I did forget, you move thrpugh dimensions…… with a bus and a creepy busdriver :3 i'll insert this in the thread later today ^^

    Also, it's your choice if you want to forget it or not. Many did though because it technically was the fault of a few youkai that started killing humans. <-- this matter will be explained in the plot itself in the class "youkai studies" ^^



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