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    Originally Posted by Alby4t5 View Post
    It does seem to support Emerald, but when I loaded up my game to test it, the game left the spaces blank in the dex when they were encountered and/or caught...
    I works fine for me. Wait, I know why. You have to save before you move on to the next pokemon. Say I am switching Treeko and Grovyle. I change Treeko's number to 02. If I move onto Grovyle before I save, my changes to Treeko will be reversed. So now if I change Grovyle to 01, both Treeko and Grovyle occupy the same spot, leaving slot #02 blank.

    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    Actually, I am looking at it now, and the rtc is in the same place and so isn't the free space which the script copies the date and time to.

    I am going to try and insert this myself and see how it goes.
    I did, and I am dumbfounded. The script compiled flawlessly. Then I was able to replicate what happened. So, I opened the memory viewer, took a look at the rtc clock and it was running fine. Then I watched the ram change as the script ran and I noticed it wasn't copying anything but the year and the month over to be used later. Everything else stayed the same.

    So, I watched the script happen on FR and I was surprised to learn that all of the date and time were copied over. I don't know where the miscommunication is on Ruby, but it isn't accomplishing the very first step.

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