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Step 3:
Now, you need to repoint the table that controls the timing of the Pokémon frame switching. Go to 309AAC, select 0x674 bytes of data, and then copy into free space. Repoint it, there should be 5 pointers to the table. Now, how the table works is that it has pointers to certain strings of data that control the timing. Thus, we need to add pointers to the end to prevent glitches. The timing parameters that you should use vary between Pokémon and different versions of said Pokémon's sprite. For instance, Swalot's timing pointer is well-used for jumping frames and so on. Since there is no known index for the timing, the method I use is to observe different Pokémon animations in Emerald then choose from there.
Don't you mean in Step 3 to select 6E0 bytes?

Because if there are 440 Pokemon and each entry is a pointer (4 bytes) that would mean its 6E0.

That could explain part of your issues with the sprite movements for Pokemon of a point after something.