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    I agree with this completely. S&M needs more activity and the only way we can do it is by posting. If I recall correctly, I only posted in S&M like...3 or 4 times since I joined.

    Back in late 2009 and early 2010 I actually started hanging around the Shoddy server, but I was afraid to post here. Kind of funny, but the only reason I went to the Shoddy server was because of Wolf and Chaos. S&M was mean back then (one of the reason why Chaos left, I think.) so I tried avoiding it.
    I thought of posting an RMT before though, because it was my first attempt at stall so I thought I needed help. Even though I was scared of being humiliated, I did it.
    Yeah, it didn't end well.

    I left Shoddy and S&M after that. Haven't came back until a little before the Get-Togther tour. I didn't wanna participate at all but Wolf made me lol. Was scared at first, but S&M changed. I got 3rd place in the tour, too. :> I've been into competitive battling for a while. Kind of forgot about the place later because idk.

    Now here I am, after getting White and trying a new team. I made an RMT and all too and wasn't really scared, in fact I was really excited to make my team better. (It died fast. :( Oh well at least I found out it was at least good, it was just my inexperience that I kept losing.) I've been playing UU a lot with Vrai and Karpman and was just getting better after losing many times. (Fortunately, I was able to beat Vrai once haha.)
    I noticed the inactivity here but didn't really know why until you posted that. S&M isn't scary if you get to meet the regular. If you're not here because you think you suck, then you shouldn't worry much since you'll only get better by battling more! After all, the tutor program is coming soon! 8D

    I'm gonna try and post here more despite finals being near and all. I hope I help with making S&M active. :>
    I'm not gonna make the same mistake I did with Pokemon Groups. >O

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