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    Originally Posted by flamehaze94 View Post
    Good thread. 2007... maybe I'm too old to remember but having that kind of activity would be nice.

    But seriously D_A is as scary as nails. I've only recently gotten the courage to post here again because I heard he got nicer (not really, I just got my fat ass into Pokemon again)
    This. This is what I don't understand. (Even if you were joking or w/e)

    Why people keep saying, "[x user] intimidates me", or "elf is scary" so oh, I just won't post in fear of my RMT being decapitated by them/him". Now correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't most of us put forward the effort to be nicer after Anti's last thread on the issue with S&M's activity? I see no reason anyone would or should be scared, other than just making themselves scared for no reason. Yeah sure, We are going to joke around and kick some people for fun and whatnot, but that's S&M's nature. It's not really like when we rate your team, we are going to go commando on it and tell you you never need to visit the forum again. We will help you by pointing out your mistakes and showing you what needs to possibly be changed.

    The team rating issue, that's just us sitting on our lazy asses and not rating them. I know for a fact that all the regulars (including myself) have enough knowledge of the metagame to produce a coherent rate. Like vrai said, you dont have to bombard the user with a massive TL'DR, as much as you have to go find even the smallest problem, elaborate on it, and be on your merry way (Just don't say CHARIZARD IZ BAD Y U USE IT etc.). I know elf / Vrai / Etc are great raters, but that doesn't mean they can do it all by themselves. I also feel that if we had more RMT's by our regulars, and not just the random user who passes by, people would be more inclined to rate. I think people would look at a thread made by Dark Azelf before they look at one made by Shiny_Houndoom_Master999, but that's just me.