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Move my most recent RMT to the RMT Archive kthnx.

I agree. You're all forcing me to post, but all I can say is that I agree? I have no extra ideas to suggest that haven't been said millions of times beforehand. I'll get to rating after finals week is over (which is only three finals, so it shouldn't take long or be difficult in any way).

And as Syn said about the intimidation factor, it should have severely dropped in the past few months (and I certainly believe it did), but it will never completely go away, because as he said it's in the nature of the forum itself. Realize that in order to help people, flaws will be pointed out, that's the point of a RMT. I can see how it appears hostile, but it's not. :< We're a cuddly bunch once you all get to know us. :3 And elf is hardly scary. He's p cute, but I guess he's buff now. I dunno. xD