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    ""We" refers to everyone, btw. All of you regulars. Yeah, I'll call all of you out: Karpman, Aero, Spinosaurus, Skip Shot, Opposite Day, dragonomega, Syndrome, Wolflare, everyone that comes on PO at all. Even TwilightBlade, Kaori and Luke; yeah, I know you guys don't battle much and/or are busy whatever but that's no reason why you can't at least help a little with S&M. The only reliable, recurring posters in ANY rate-my-team thread lately have been myself, Dark Azelf, and PlatinumDude."

    Hahaha, I dodged that shizz :p

    Man that Legion of Supremacy brings back good times. It was the last bit of competitive battling I did before disappearing off the radar.

    Alright, I'll consider making some effort in the S&M section in future.
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