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Originally Posted by StarlightSerenity View Post
Just a random thought from a relatively new member - I find the majority of the forum intimidating, not particular members but theres no way I will start a thread unless I'm completely and utterly certain it will comply with the rules, which is rare.

It seems that every 1 thread out of 10 gets locked or moved. I do understand why this is as I ran a successful forum for a couple of years and I know how desperately staff try to keep a forum tidy etc etc but I have never seen it quite so bad on any other forum I have been on (including forums the same size and bigger). I don't want to go making threads, starting new conversations, purely because I dont want to end up looking like a complete idiot or being warned by staff for making a thread I wasn't supposed to.

Like I said, just a random thought from a newbie for you, more geared to the entire forum but I highly doubt that I'm the only person who feels the same way. Apologies if this is completely irrelevant to the topic >.<
The threads only get locked because they're normally against the rules, you'll find most of them are just people asking us to build the team for them. We're only here to help and suggest, not build it for you. The one's that are moves are just in the wrong section, if it's for an In-game team, it should go in the In-game forum. It's not really that hard. Starting a conversation really doesn't relate to this? <_<; Just go on a person's profile that you want to get to know and just hit them up. :3 Simple. Posting in the right forum isn't that hard either, you're not gonna make a "Best feature about Black and White" in the Heartgold and Soulsilver forum are you?

Anyway, I'm trying to be as active as I can in S&M, I post threads from time to time and post around quite a bit, mostly I post in the questions thread, giving advice, and giving out moveset's. <3 The S&M is quite a hard to place to deal with because it can't run events. ;; Since they're ran in the battle stadium, maybe combine S&M and the Battle Stadium? Idk.

When I first started posting in here, I was really intimidated. <_< I was terrified of D_A & Syndrome mostly. :x But if people are complaining about us S&M'ers being intimidating, they should get to know us, and find out that we are just like any other person. :3 Idek what I'm saying now. haha. n__n; But now this place is like a new home! :3 go me

To boost activity I suggest advertising PO at any chance you get, it brings people to the PC server and then we can show them how nice we are. n____n; then tell them to go to S&M.

Just my two cents. :3
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