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No, what I like isn't sure to be what you like xD I originally planned slightly different powers for you guys, but changed when I wanted to be a little more canon-like. But the worlds stayed the same. They still fit well enough. And you just said you wanted a moon terrain land xD Vinnie's world is much more like that than Ricardo's is. BUT ENOUGH SPOILERSSS

I like all the players and characters just as much <3

*goes to read IC*

EDIT: I think the anger and sadness was well portrayed, Evan! Makes me a bit sad too :,( Maybe we can tweak the story in the end so that everyone lives........ The kids in Homestuck can't really be sane. Everyone on Earth dies, pretty much, and they just go into a game and have fun. Oh well.

I really liked Otherworld's post too! Poor Tulio xD

I'll wait with replying until drunk and Retro have posted as well, I think.
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