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Originally Posted by drunk ¬_¬ View Post
Well, if I did bring Neko Girls and Sex Change into the equation, so I believe I should be deservedly recompensed, yes, why not?

:P JK…

I can't wait to see our worlds by the way Red. I like who LOFAR uses the same letters as FLORA… it's somehow very fitting! :D

@ Otherworld: I'm probably not going to prototype my sprite until once I'm in the Medium (so as to not overpower the imps), so you should prototype my Kernelsprite first.

I call alchemizing my computer with a DBZ scouter toy, by the way… just saying. :P
Isn't it? :3

Think up all kinds of things to alchemize! It'll be fun ^^

Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
Then you could see how large their power levels are! (thats what they do in DBZ right?)

And uhh, yeah. I read up to where Jade does some stuff. Like grab a gun.


Alchemizing...thats like the pogo hammer incident, right?

Cause if so, Imma alchemize a bunch of cool pretzels and cheese. (lame joke is lame)

But seriously, I can't wait to get my magic wallets and play around. But in a serius, save the world kinda way.
Yes, pogo hammer and THE DUTTLE and all sorts of stuff.

Originally Posted by Retro Bug View Post
Wow, this is a lot to process but I'm liking what I'm reading. I'll answer your questions soon enough.

I might have missed this because I've only read over everything twice but you said Vieve is going to help Ricardo? Does this mean she needs to carry around her laptop or is she just going to stay in the house into Ricardo gets to his world?
Well, depending on how quickly Ricardo acts and what Vieve does next, she may still be in her own house when he enters. But yeah, you should carry your laptop with you. You have the pink pendant on your necklace - the SYLLADEX - where you can put the laptop without feeling its weight, you know!

BUT Vieve should connect to Vinnie and become his server player, not Ricardo's. Because it's more fun if you all interact in a chain. For the sake of the RP... and for the sake of SBURB actually.

But soon, Candice and Vieve are likely to start alchemizing stuff (if nothing else, just to get better weapons to fight intruders off with...) and then you can alchemize some kind of neatly portable computer to use Pesterchum through. Even though you will probably need a proper laptop in order to perform server duties. Let's say you can speak into Pesterchum and the program converts the sounds to text messages :3 that's gotta be how the Homestuck kids do it; they alchemized headsets, computer glasses, computer earmuffs and whatnot.

Am I making any sense? :3

Originally Posted by Otherworld9) View Post
Ah alright, I see...I think I might have a slight idea of what I might be, since Candice puts anything she finds interesting on there, so expect some very strange living thing there...xD

Oooh, Act 3 was pretty good though, and I enjoyed a few of the hilarious objects they alchemized! XD

As for the quesitons:
1. Retro and Otherworld, how do you like your world? Is it what you expected/were hoping for?
Drunk and Myself, what world do you hope for?
-Well, as for myself, I actually wanted a snow world! <3 It's perfect! As for Candice...well, she might find it very boring at first, since it seems desolate, but she'll find a way to entertain herself there~

2. Why did you pick your location?
-My location? Well, it's actually my hometown, where I was born...well, the state that is.
Good that you like Candice's world!
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