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Originally Posted by Retro Bug View Post
Okay, okay I think I'm getting it and I totally forgot that I can put the laptop in the necklace, you just saved me. But yeah I'm not quite sure what alchemizing means but I'm sure that you can tell me when it becomes relevant. Vieve and Vinnie connecting should be great! I actually really like that idea.

Yeah, I'll be making a post soon(-ish) you'll just have to get me three hours or so. And I'll try not to make it boring for Vinnie because I want you to have some fun in this RP to.
Yes, alchemizing will be explained to Vieve soon enough. But basically, it means combing items to create new items. Sort of like what happened with porno magazine + Tiberius = Cloystersprite xD And you'll need both the Cruxtruder, the Totem Lathe, the Alchemiter and an additional machine called the Punch Designix to do this. It will be explained, as I said.

And no rush with the posting~
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