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    A preview of Episode 20:

    Meanwhile, in another part of the cave...

    "You sure this is the place, Asiel?" a girl in a ragged maroon blouse and skirt asked as she brushed her pale blond hair from her face. For the most part, she and her brother could have been just another pair of adventurers, barring the tiny dragon-like wings on their backs.

    "Course, Takis--it's not every day that the Great Lord sends two demonlings out to possess a minstrel's party for their first possession." the girl's brother replied as he quickly hovered out of the way of a stalagtite, being careful not to disturb the Zubats that snoozed nearby. "You've heard the stories of what happens to those that get caught up in magic songs, right?"

    "Sometimes I have to wonder what the Great Kione is thinking sometimes...." Takis sighed. "But it's the party I'm worried about--Melis' defeat at their hand was the talk of the Dark Realm for weeks."

    "We would be stuck back in the Dark Realm listening to Miss Topas talk about proper possession techniques over and over and over if His Greatness hadn't stepped in." Asiel cautioned as he landed behind a rock, brushing debris from a slightly ragged marroon tunic. "And what better way to impress the class than possessing a human?"

    "You did great with the small Pokemon, and leveling an entire village with a Mightyena wowed the class...." Takis mused as she fluttered by her older brother's side.

    "Let's not forget how you aced your small Pokemon final with the Rattata swarm..." Asiel smiled. "Humans are a bit harder than Pokemon though--they have many competing influences around their spirits. That, and there's the risk of the spirit fighting back."

    "Stupid priest, kicking me out of that little girl when I almost made it inside her soul." Takis grumbled, annoyed that her first human possession had come up short.

    "Well, unfortunately, we have a cleric in this party too, so the key is to not get her attention." Asiel cautioned as he spotted Ash and the others in the distance. "Here they come."
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