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    Ugh, so I'm having some serious troubles breeding guys, please help :3.

    Okay so what I want is a non-shiny, male, Timid/Modest Riolu with Inner Focus, HP Ice 70 and max special sweeper IVs. Corresponding with HP Ice 70 that would be 31/30/30/31/31/31 I have worked out (Manually because PPRNG crashes when I try searching for HP).

    What I am working with is a male Lucario 29/22/8/13/28/31 and a shiny ditto 31/31/31/30/31/31. And no Everstone.

    This is the seed I'm going for:

    Now, when I'm hatching an egg to check for my shifted frame I get the highlighted offspring as a result no problem:

    But when I'm using my Chatot's to shift the frame over 31 times I hatch an egg that isn't even on the list of nearby frames.
    Suggestions please I've been doing this for days!

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