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Originally Posted by FlyingHatTrick View Post
I don't know myself, because I usually have to have my director help me with the tuning. Actually, I don't know if we have one too... I guess a normal tuner would work okay with it if you're using the electric bass and the line for it... Might have to try it out someday. :0
That's all right.

Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
You just need confidence in yourself! Im sure youre a great player! (Also a normal guitar tuner will work fine with a bass guitar).
Just start playing songs you like and then find a band that plays those songs/similar ones as well and youll be set!

Also I was thinking of putting up a Song for everyone to learn soon, anyone got any songs/ genres theyd like to see?

I know, but I'm really having a lot of issues lately, and confidence/self-esteem is one of 'em. Thanks for the support, though.

Classical. It'd help soothe me. Haha.