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    A Pokemon looks like anything that Gamefreak put its credit on.

    Anything other than that is possibly a Digimon. Or Hello Kitty.

    As an Admin of a Pokemon RP that supports Fakemon, this question sends me into the deepest of primal rages. As its been stated there IS NO set design on what a Pokemon is or isn't. If its from Gamefreak, its a Pokemon no matter WHAT any fan says. So roughly, everything you think that DOESN'T look like a Pokemon....Looks like a Pokemon.

    As for a few complaints:

    Trubbish: Grimer is living sludge and Koffing is a floating ball of explosive gas. Both are basically designed on Pollution. Trubbish adds to this.

    Klink: Magnemite, Porygon, Bronzor, all artificial life forms made form objects or even from nothing.

    Vanilite: Cherubi is a Cherry. There was living food before Gen 5 XD

    The games themselves are maturing, its normal for the creatures to reflect this in design. They aren't all going to be the pudgy, doe eye'd fluffballs we know and love.
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