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Answering Topic:

Well...tbh i dunno but have thought about it to myself quite a few times before, excellent topic. But the statement that no humans exist within the PMD universe at all isnt exactly the case due to PMD2. Anyway thats beside the point. I beleive that the pokemon know of humans but havnt had much contact with humans posibly due to them being in seperate dimensions :/ ? And the knowledge that humans exist could come from pokemon with extended psychic sight like Xatu, or from spacial pokemon such as Palkia. Idk.

Or a little simpler, maybe humans just died out somehow or became so exceedingly rare that you just really dont see humans at all(ironic huh?). What do you guys think?
That's kinda what I was thinking too. Maybe there was some kind of war that wiped out all the humans in that area? Or maybe there was a disease that every human caught that killed them and left their Pokemon trainerless? The possibilities are endless lol

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Hmm. Intriguing question. I think that Pokemon and humans are supposed to be separated -- Pokemon in one dimension, humans in the other. Maybe it's because Pokemon don't get along well with humans, and the humans thought the same. But then, in PMD: Explorers of Time, Darkness or Sky, the Pokemon you play as was a human trainer, that had a Pokemon as a best friend -- so a relationship between Pokemon and people still exist, and my theory is proven to be just a theory.

My second hunch would be, er, some Pokemon didn't want to be trained by humans, and some wanted to stay with humans. Imo, most Pokemon went to another dimension, while some stayed with their trainers. That would explain why there aren't any humans in the PMD universe, and that would also explain why a connection between Pokemon and humans still exist. But there are still some loopholes in this theory, and I'm still not sure.

I'm anxious to see all of your answers.
That's an interesting theory. I wouldn't have thought of that one about Pokemon choosing to be separated from humans. I wonder what would have caused Pokemon to want to be separated from humans though...

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maybe humans were kind of like rumors and myths in their world?
I am so very sorry I didn't add you to the member list earlier. If I ever forget something like that again, anyone is welcome to let me know asap so I can fix it. I've updated everyone's points and I am really happy to see you all answering the topic. Feel free to keep answering since this topic is such a broad one and can still be discussed more. :)