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    Well I guess i'll suggest a topic:

    Say you've already established yourself with the local pokemon after becoming one yourself. How would you spend your life as a pokemon and how would you interact with the other posters?

    Ik long topic but lets give it a shot. An example of diiferent ways you could spend your life as a pokemon besides an explorer would be say, a common villager, a shopkeeper of some sort(ex. link shop, florist, merchant etc.), a mail-pokemon, or even a pokemon that lives in a dungeon.

    I myself would be a proud explorer traveling with my partner to become a renowned explorer and rescuer. I'd have a house on the outskirts of a village that I would come back to after every now and then after some adventures. I'd get my money and profit from my finding as an explorer and my reward money for missions so a formal profession wouldn't be of use(or interest) of me. Occasionally i'd give away a few treasures I find to pokemon who seem to be in need to help em out.

    As for relations with my fellow dungeon masters, i'll wait for your posts to answer that.