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Hello! PokéCommunity's Development Team is seeking new team members to help us create fancy themes and cool new features for PC! If you have any experience with web design or development, we encourage you to apply!

Please note that as with all our applications, this is a volunteer position. Successful applicants will be granted a PokéCommunity staff role and access to the staff forums.


The development team has a large scope and responsibilities vary based on individual skills, but in general the responsibilities of the team are as follows:

- Creating themes for the PokéCommunity Beta (aka the New UI).
- Implementing new features as requested by the staff team. This can vary from small visual improvements all the way up to large-scale features like post drafts.
- Taking part in planning and discussion about potential changes in the Development Team staff forum and Discord channel.
- Helping to modernize PokéCommunity's codebase and move away from antiquated software.


Frontend Developer

Frontend applications are now closed. New applications are very unlikely to be accepted unless you have a high degree of experience in all the bonus skills.

Frontend developers are the members of the team who are responsible for creating pretty themes, layouts, and interfaces for new PokéCommunity pages and features. Members with this role do a blend of design and development work - they primarily work in HTML and CSS, and may delve into JavaScript for little bits of interactivity if they need to.

Required experience: HTML, CSS.
Bonus experience: Bootstrap, Sass (SCSS), JavaScript, React.js.

Backend Developer

Backend developers are the ones laying the behind-the-scenes groundwork of new features, managing the server and communicating with the databases. Their work is primarily done in JavaScript, and from time to time they have to break into SQL as well.

Required experience: JavaScript.
Bonus experience: ES6, REST conventions, Express.js, SQL or related databases.

Full-stack Developer

The full-stack developer role is a combination of frontend and backend. If you have the qualifications for both frontend and backend, as well as the free time to manage a bit of both, feel free to apply for this role!

How to Apply

Send me (Rainbow) a private message with your application. Be sure to include which role you are applying for. Aside from that you're free to include as little or as much information as you like, but a few things you might want to mention are:

What languages are you most skilled in?

Previous experience
What kind of similar work have you done before?

Any examples of your work
Links to sites, GitHub repositories, or similar are welcome.

If you have some programming experience in other languages, such as Python, Ruby, Java, or related but have not delved into web development, feel free to still apply! Depending on your experience, we may be able to take you on in a learners role and teach you the basics. Once you have a language or two down it's not so difficult to learn another.


Applications have no set deadline, and we'll keep them open until we get a good number of applicants - this could range from days to a few weeks. If you're interested in applying, we recommend you get your application in as soon as possible!

If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to a member of the Development Senior Staff (Rainbow or Laslow).

Please do not post applications in this thread.

Thank you for reading!
Love from PokéCommunity's Development Team
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