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This might be the issue that the tempo (by default) is 120 but the parameter is not set in the .s file. You can open Anvil Studio and manually set the tempo to 120, save the song, and re-assemble it. If this still fails, open up the .s file in Notepad++ and add this line to the very beginning of Track 1:
.byte	TEMPO , 120*[YOUR_SONG_NAME]_tbs/2
Change the text inside the brackets to fit your song's name (the song name should not contain spaces).
Thanks! I've also been having an issue where the song will get distorted to point of it sounding like a parody of the song it once was.

This is what the song is supposed to sound like:https://youtu.be/ud6jDOVcZ1Y

And this is what it sounds like in Sappy. The odd thing is when I export it. It sounds fine, but in game it sounds like this. https://youtu.be/ZpbbEfETi40

If you or anyone else has any info on as to why this is happening, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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