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Posted June 9th, 2019
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I love these! So creative and they look great!
thank you very much <3

They're super
Thank you very much as well <3

Ooooo, these look so good!
haha thanks :3 <3

Your Wooloo looks fantastic! Yes, I am a little bias cause I like cute Pokemon, but I really think you did it justice there. Did you use a GSC color palette? It looks like it and I'm LOVING it.
yeah i tried to take out most cuteness possible of wooloo, I use the actual colors of oficial artwork (i select a color somewere in the art in wooloo case the pink came from its ear and the brow from its face, I know that maybe the colors can not match the gameboy pallette, but the difference is little)

These are all so well done! You have a knack for doing these!

Out of curiosity, do you plan on doing all Sword/Shield Pokemon, or just ones that catch your eye? :)
Initially I planned do all of them, since I'm very fast on the draw I first do the ones that catch my eye just in minutes after the direct, however other artists do perfect versions of some pokémon, an example is dreadnaw there's an artist somewhere that made it perfect, so I think I have not a real purpose to do it soon, only if I find a way to make it unique or better.

Hey there! May PC have permission to feature your sprites in the Daily? It’s to showcase user Sword & Shield art from the community!
ofc! And my asnwer will be always yes to this question!!! ^^

Great! I would like Gen 7 and 8 in GSC.
If some rom hacker maybe do it (saddly Im already retired from rom hacking to dedicate myself to professional game development, but if i manage to make a good game someday, I would love to spent a bit of free time in doing hack roms again ^^ )

Also just a small addiction to sprites, a Corviknight withRed eyes, I had to give up the light blue for the red to respect the GSC pallette limit
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