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The Leave/Return/New Username Thread

About this thread:

The purpose of this thread is to announce if you're returning to the community from a hiatus, are taking a break from us for a little while, or have recently changed your username! Use this thread to tell the community all at once that you have finals and won't be online for two weeks, or that you're returning from your family weekend vacation, or anything in between! All Pokecommunity rules and Meet & Greet rules apply when using this thread.

  • If you're returning after more than thirty (30) days, you are able to make an entirely new introduction thread, found here.
  • Please don't post questions here. If you have questions about the community, post in the Feedback & Support forum.
  • If you want more information on username changes, please check here. Keep in mind name changes only happen twice a year.

Thank you!

Original thread by Sheep, rewrite by Fairy.