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I didn't know Pokemon news was coming up today so it was a welcome surprise this morning 😃

I really love that they're keeping the regional form concept. I always felt that it is one that makes sense in the Pokemon world (and something I should have been in the games a long time ago 😜)

Galarian Weezing and Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone look awesome. So nice to have our first Poison/Fairy pokemon. Though I am mad that Galarian Weezing has a second ability because a lot of Levitate Pokemon don't so it seems unfair. Why couldn't Gengar have both Levitate and Cursed Body last gen 😒
Though I am interested what its second ability is since they usually don't hide the abilities in trailers even if it is a new one.
The best surprise for me was Galarian Zigzagoon. Finally a non Gen 1 Pokemon getting a regional form. The coloration looks well on it and Linoone. Then the fact it gets an evolution into Obstagoon. I think that's my new favorite revealed so far. I'm hoping more old Pokemon gets evolutions.

Morpeko being the new Pikaclone is kind of cool. I like that it changes form and is Electric/Dark. The only thing I don't like about it is that it seems to be an actual clone of Pikachu compared to the others. If they had made the brown and black coloration extend all the way to the feet and maybe change the Pikachu yellow to white , it would look better.

The new rivals look pretty cool. I like the clothes Bede is wearing and him having a Duosion. Marnie seems interesting with having her own fan squad in Team Yell. It'll be interesting to see how Team Yell differs compared to Team Skull.