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Posted September 9th, 2019
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While I am still somewhat disappointed what with all the controversies and stuff, I gotta say I'm really loving the character designs this gen, along with their expressions. Finally seeing older Pokemon get new evolutions made me quite happy. Though the fact that it's exclusive to Galarian Linoone makes me think that it may be a while before we'd see it again after these games. And Galarian Weezing looks like a cross between Doug Dimmadome and a bong, which is too funny for me to hate.

I'm probably more interested in the other rivals than Hop tbh. Bede not only seems like a possible return to a jerk rival in some form, but has that air of mystery to him, like, I wanna know what his other goal is. And it's official, I've found best girl. Marnie is cute af, from design to expressions... That's it, I'm joining Team Yell.

Speaking of Team Yell, I get Team Skull vibes from them. Like S/M, I'm almost 100% certain they're not the big bad, though I can't wait to see the leader use an Obstagoon. I just know they're gonna have one. I do like how they even appear in the background during Marnie's battles cheering her on and distracting you. While we haven't gotten a truly "evil" team in a while, it's pretty nice to have teams with so much character to them. My only gripe is that they're probably gonna be used as an excuse for blockading the player from certain areas if their official site description is anything to go by.

All in all, a pretty nice update. Now where do I sign up to become a Team Yell member?