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Poison/Fairy, huh?? That one is going to be interesting. >:)

Happy to see a Linoone evolution! Even if it's only Galarian, that's still a very welcome addition. Also Marnie is ADORABLE my lil' goth princess. :')
I thought so too! I would've guessed Weezing was poison/steel!

So that leak awhile back about Team Yell, Marnie, Bede, and Galarian Formes was real...

Also, LMFAO, the memes this time around for all the new Pokémon are wild.
Morpeko is already being Snicker memed to death, I'm loving it. I also really like Zigzagoon's new forme and final evolution! Neato! Also, maybe this means we really are getting a Farfetch'd regional evolution that was rumored a really, really long time ago? I hope so.
A Farfetch'd is long over due! I hope the rumors are true 😳

I'm not quite... a fan of Galarian Zigzagoon/Linoone yet, but at least they get Obstagoon as a new evolution, so maybe I might need some time to getting used to it. And is it just me, but Marnie seems to give some mysterious vibe?
I think you're right to watch out for Marnie. Definitely seems like she's up to something, I hope we learn more about her backstory.