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Hi, I'm Wind~. U may refer to me by my actual name, Michael, if u like. This is my third hack. As u know I quit one(Pokemon Soar) and put one on hold(Pokemon Wave) because they either weren't working out, or it went too slow. Now, this hack may be my first hack my team and I ever finish. So without further ado, I give u...Pokemon Blizzard. Enjoy.

Hack of:
Fire Red Version

20 years ago, a group of people formed into a team named, Team Blizzard. At first they seemed harmless, until one day, the team split up into groups of 3 so they can search the region for the ultimate power to permanently freeze the region. One of the grunts stumbled before a cave. Inside the cave, she came upon a little, black, floating ball of energy. She got closer, the...It snagged her arm She tried and tried to break free, but it was too late, the shadow completely swallowed her. A minute later, the shadow released her and she was glowing! A few moments later, she stopped glowing and the second she looked up, a rock was just floating in the air. Then it fell. She soon found out she had psychic abilities like telekinesis and telepathy. For the past 3 weeks, she kept her powers a secret until she learned learned to control them. When she finally did, she became the new leader for Team Blizzard because of how powerful she was.

On the day Team Blizzard was created, a baby was born, and that baby...was you. 10 years later, it's your birthday. You start in Katae Town in the region of Shiria. It is also the day you become a Pokemon trainer. Your mom gives you your first Pokemon as a present. Since the region is cold and covered in snow, your mom decides to give you a Fire Type. (Still Thinking) After you receive your starter, your journey begins.

New maps(duh)
New scripts(double duh)
New Evil Team-Team Blizzard
Hero/Heroine have warmer clothes on.
Region is all snow
Main Pokemon-Regice
Adding Leafeon and Glaceon and Giratina(not origin form) and Shaymin(Sky form)
And more...

Me: leader, mapper, basic scripter, idealist, beta tester
meggido: adv. scripter
neonat2: beta tester
KhaosKnight: beta tester/scripter
shinegreymon: beta tester
fiery chimchar: scripter
~Fire: mapper
X-Buster: Title Screen Editor/World Map Editor
Faint Brushfire: beta tester
Sky: beta tester/idealist
Blackrainbow*: script fixer
darkshade: beta tester/idealist
kevin33193: beta tester/idealist
riolu 9: Backup mapper
Rényui: Banner maker/spriter
lmg123: beta tester
Ryousha: backup mapper/fanbars
JAing_The_AfterShockWave-backup mapper
Shadow Arcanine-Advanced Spriter
sk8kickflip-beta tester
.:God:.-beta tester/spriter/user bar maker/idealist
Mr. Fury-user bar maker/idealist
Tony™-Music looper/remixer


Screen shots:

None yet...


Progress Meter:
Re-making maps

Time and zel-for insparation
My team-helping me with this project
Fanking Omega-snow tiles
Ryousha-palettes/giving me them
Ryousha-CSS Design
Coronis-Blue OW(Temporary credit)
Everybody who supports Blizzard(With or without banners)

In game Character Progress:

JAing_The_AfterShackWave-Team Blizzard Admin: Jajo
Ryousha-New Rival: Ryousha
ShineGreyMon-New Rival: Justin
Sky-Ally: Sky; apprentice for gym leader #4
Kevin33193-Kevin: Elite 4 #3
darkshade-Zac: Elite 4 #4
Rényui-Renyui: Ace Trainer; Friend
khaosknight1-Ty: Wanderer
megiddo-megiddo: Trainer
Rescue Team Wave-Kyle: Wanderer
Mr. Fury-Orange: Rough Trainer



All 4 by darkshade

By Ryousha

All 3 by SwampertTrainer

By riolu 9

By Toxic_Moonlight

Both by Mr. Fury