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For the record I can't stand this chapter. It's short, bulky, and pure filler. Try and enjoy everyone.

Chapter 11: Bound in Chains

Who could be coming through the Digiport, Jonathan wondered as the light faded from the three of them, revealing a male and two females with blond hair. The male was taller than the rest, with blue eyes. He wore a red vest over a thin light-grey sweater, dark grey shorts, and red sneakers. Two creatures a mix of a dog and rabbit were behind his legs; one white and grey, the other brown and pink. The first female had hair roughly the same length as the male's and warm gray eyes. She wore a thick beige overcoat with grey wool around the hood over her dark orange miniskirt and grey leggings. Her tan boots were worn at the bottom. As she walked out, her hand stroked the helmeted head of a visored unicorn. The third seemed slightly younger than the rest, long hair held back by a black headband. She wore a simple long-sleeved red dress with a red cardigan. In her right hand, she clutched the vine of her partner, a flower-like digimon.

Tai beamed at the sight. This is good. Even though we don't know what we're looking for or what we're trying to defeat, the more allies we have the better. He was so excited he didn't see Gennai disappear.

“It's really good to see you guys again,” he called happily, waving them over. The blond male waved back. The other two mimicked him, hurrying toward the group. Jack smiled, seeing his friends from the International Digidestined. Both Willis and himself were penpals through email actually. That was the only way he would know the other two. Jonathan and Blair looked at each other, feeling a vague sense of exclusion. Jack gestured for them and Tai grinned.

“These guys,” he stated proudly. “are members of the International Digidestined. First up is Willis and his two partners; Terriermon and Lopmon. They're from America.” The boy waved and winked at Blair flirtatiously, who scowled. “Next is Anna and her Unimon, both from Russia.” The older blond gave a friendly smile. “Finally here's Catherine and her Floramon. They're from France.” The younger curtsied pleasantly.

“Nice to meet you, “ Jonathan greeted. “I'm Jonathan Lucas and this is Blair Morgan.”

“No offense but it seems you weren't really needed,” Matt said flatly. “The threat's gone.”

Izzy's computer beeped.

The data twists, spins, breaks, turning into code before anyone registers what's happening. Lockdown is initiated as a virus spreads through the servers. There is a distinct click, which echoes throughout.

In the remnants there is the distinct sound of chuckling in the background. “Now is the time!” the master roared, full of that familiar ecstasy that he yearned for. “Come now my servants, come and rise to war! Come as we wipe out this bright plain and begin anew in the darkness.”

“Now is the time!”

The command rang through the dark, causing many to look up in confusion. There is not a tainted soul who missed the command. From another world, two opponents glanced up from their argument. The dragon smirked.

“The gathering is complete now,” he rumbled, losing the pain that burned his chest. “Now, we slaughter.” He turned away from his opponent, who appeared to be dissolving into mist. “Goodbye. I hope to see you at the ball... with your blood and corpse spread across a battlefield.” He soared away, returning to what he believed was right.

His opponent shuddered painfully. “You're wrong,” they whispered to the air as they vanished.

Meanwhile, as the two digimon fought on, Luca glanced up at the sky, blue eyes blank. Sean twitched in a sudden pain. The blond girl shivered in cold and, like Sean, followed the ten-year old's gaze. The sky was unchanged, yet all three of them could feel the crazy seeping through.

“Now is the time,” Luca muttered. The world flickered grey in his vision before righting itself.

“Those Demon Lords, are they seriously going to try that?” Sean asked the air, looking away toward the ground.

The blond girl nodded, returning toward the battling digimon. “They want to repeat history. They want to repeat it and get back what they lost.”
“But that's stupid,” Sean exclaimed. He had said this before, he would continue to say it. “This won't get it back. There's no way it could!” Once things are taken away like that, they can't come back!

“They can't control their own crazy,” Luca informed him softly, shivering at the chill that ran down his spine. They can't control their own descent.

“No time to talk now,” the young woman chided, eyes closed. “We have little time left. The war approaches again.”

Sean snorted dully and raised his D-Core, which began to glow softly again. "Yeah and like always, we're nowhere near ready."

Kari let out a terrible wail, hands over her head. “The darkness... what's it doing? Someone is... someone is calling...” She slowly slumped, eyes beginning to glaze over.

“Kari, what's the matter with you?” Davis queried, hurrying to her side with TK right on his heels.

“Now,” she muttered. “Now. It's starting now.”

“What's starting?” Mimi exclaimed. Kari began to lower her hands, shaking her head no.
“I don't know,” she muttered miserably. “All I heard was someone say it was time for something. The voice, it was evil, pure, unchanging evil.”

Tai turned. “Hey Izzy do you have any clue what's she's talking about?” He paused.

“Izzy?” Izzy was frozen at his laptop screen, trembling. Jonathan and Tai went to his side. The other Digidestined watched; confused, wary, and somehow, incredibly tired.

“Izzy?” Jonathan repeated slowly, ready to shake him if necessary.

“The Digi-Ports...”

“What's wrong with them?” Tai asked, feeling a terrible sense of dread.

Izzy shook his head. “They're shut and locked. I keep trying to reopen them so we can go home, but they're just... not... responding...”

“Are you telling me...” Matt began slowly. “That we're stuck here all over again?” Miserably, Izzy nods. Blair cursed foully, nearly attacking the older redhead. Thankfully Jonathan stopped her.

“So... what now?” Cody asked the crowd from where he stood beside Armadillomon.

“We need to find shelter and food,” Tai ordered without thinking, remembering his own experiences. “Also, we should probably get firewood now before it gets too dark.”

Before anyone could reply, the coldest of laughter rang through the air. “You assume you'll live that long?” Everyone looked to the right in complete unison.

In the air hovered an adult fallen angel with blond hair. Just below him were seven creatures, a tall rabbit (Willis unconsciously flinched at the memory), a dog, a large boar, a twisted snake, a dragon with large arms, a small monkey, and a rat on spider legs.

“So I finally meet the rest of the Digidestined,” drawled the angel. “Aren't I lucky to find you on my first try?”

“Who the heck are you?” Blair snapped. The digimon chuckled.

“Temper, temper little miss. I am Lucemon, one of the Seven Demon Lords. As that boy so elegantly put it all that time ago, I am your enemy.” He smirked. “Nice to meet you.”
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."