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Project: Glowing Sunset
Base: Pokemon FireRed


Hello there. My name is dudebot.

I'm a guy who's relatively new to the hacking scene in most respects except playing them. Any hack I've been a part of has gone unfinished and with it, my confidence in completion has dropped over time.

However, I want to try my hand at creating a Project of a world known as Glowing Sunset.

Glowing Sunset is apart of a combination of a story being told in the Zetsuna region. The plan was to create a fanfiction (and eventually, a comic) alongside a hack and have them go hand in hand in some respects. The hack project I want to work on, Glowing Sunset, will be loosely based on key aspects of the fanfiction. I wanted this to be my ultimate storytelling in the Pokemon world.

Now, at first, I thought I would try to tackle the project on my own. I figured that if I edited a few sprites here and there, made one city/town at a time and did a little scripting, I would finish the hack as soon as I finished the fanfiction. That was stupid of me. I soon learned that there's a lot I don't know about hacking. There's a lot that it would take and I would have to study more than a few months worth of knowledge.

So, I ask of the hacking community to help me. Help a foolish dudebot create an experience worth noticing.

The Story of Glowing Sunset

This is the story of a child who was reluctant to accept their destiny . . .

A young woman with a gambling problem in Fortuna City found her addiction to require funding. Because of that, she took out a loan with a shady organization. Soon after, she became a young mother. In debt and fearing for the life of her newborn child, she fled Fortuna City and lived quietly in the obscure area known as Nomnom Town.

During this same time, the world became distorted. The atmosphere shifted and many Pokemon became uneasy.

15 years later . . . Two organizations have come to develop over the years.

A criminal organization named the Mob Squad flourishes and grabs a stronghold on the underworld, doing unimaginable and fiendish things.

An activist organization named the Green Team preach that Global Warming is approaching the planet and take it upon themselves to solve the problem that no one believes to exist.

You are a young teen, depressed by your close friend Faust abandoning you and Melancholy to start his Pokemon journey two years ago. Since then, you spend most of your time holed up in your room on the internet. However, one day, your mom tells you about a favor that Prof. Nemo wants . . .

[Full story upon acceptance into the team]


This project is going to tackle some mature themes. Nothing over the top, but it definitely will NOT be as innocent as the summary will lead you to believe. I'm a proponent of storytelling and one rule is to follow the flow of the story. For example, if you include a mob in a story, they have to do mob-like things. I would never change the functions of the mob for child-friendly storytelling.

Some of the themes include: minor language, death, sexual themes (not a lot, but it's there), gang violence, etc.

My Skills include . . .

I have minor skill in most departments of Pokemon hacking. OW Maps, Spriting, Basic Scripting, Basic Tiling, Music Hacking to a degree, Low-level mapping and, on a good day, titlescreen design.

However, I consider myself an expert storyteller. No matter how good I get at anything else, the biggest strength that I will ever give to this project will be the story. That I promise.


Nothing wanted at the moment, but I will still actively hire extra hands with good enough proof.
Application Form

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Current Members:
- dudebot (Storyline, sprites, tiles, mapping, consultant, here-and-there guy)
-crOw16 (Mapping - Beta Tester)
-Patrick Symus (Scripting)
-Theta (Storyline - Event coordinator)
-Blazikenboy (Spriting - Mapping)
-UltimaCircuit (Mapping - Tiling)
-pokefreake (Scripting)
-Varion (Music Hacking - etc)

Pure Beta-testers:
-Youngster Timmy