Seen August 16th, 2014
Posted February 23rd, 2014
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6.4 Years
Applying for: Mapper/beta tester
Skill level: I'd say decent. I wouldnt call myself the best.
Allotted Time: I'm a 16 year old on summer vacation... I say at least, 20 hours a week.
Proof of Work: Well, ive only done mapping on my own hacks that ive attempted and deemed too hard, and im more of an OW mapper. So i could get screen shots if needed.
Contact Info: skype: brandon.peters88 email:
Anything else?: If given time afterwards, i would like to open the project of my hack i have in mind to this. Called Pokemon Cyborgs.
Current (On Going) Projects:
Pokemon: Glowing Sunset
Pokemon: Cyborgs