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Applying for: Storyline Writer and Event Coordinator
Skill level: Story: 8-9, Event: Haven't tried.
Allotted Time: Atleast 7 Hours a Week.
Proof of Work:
(These were made for a RPG Minecraft Server (Flopped))
From the beginning of recorded history there has always been 3 cities, Rugmond, Terro, and Seren. Each city is known for different things. Rugmond, the city of oppression, from its very beginning only Humans were allowed into the city without constant harassment. Elves, Dwarves, no matter what you were i didn't matter... you were run out of town. The city white and clean, would not be destroyed by the slobs of the other races, at least what the people of t he city believed. King Salvian III, not much different than his predecessor, an abuser and doesn't show his face. Constantly under a shroud, made of thick silk, as black as night to protect his face, so he may walk the city without the peasants noticing him.
Terro, a city so amazing with such diverse humanoids walking among it, the ideas and inventions so great, the people from Rugmond refuse to believe that they are so closed minded. But the city is full of crime because of its excessive size, it was bound to happen with its large population. The Elder Council runs the city, made up of 10 elders who understand that Divine Right isn't the way to run a city. But excluding the occasional robbery and assaults the city is like a paradise for any being.
Seren, the city of Corruption. Once a glorious city with amazing architecture after many back door deals, with poor leadership, the beings of the city rebelled and threw the government, now a dictatorship. The leader, Faro, kills anyone on sight who is caught trying to leave the city without express orders from himself. Even under these circumstances many beings will just make a dead run for it. The cities demise was clearly seen by the other cities, but the dictator still sends small parties to attack the cities, hit and run tactics.
Small villages can be found all through out the land, with people who don't like any of the leadership that the cities provide. Some small and some quite large, full of all different races and breeds.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fables are told by beings around the world, that the four elements created the world as a way to leave their legacy, but the humans were just interested about their race, and nothing else... Destroying the landscape, which can be seen in the town of Seren. Some say that the elements still watch over the land they created, they die a little everyday the wars between the cities continue. Continents made for living in an environment the would give as long as you gave back, but the humans... only in it for their own personal gain. The arches of Varon, named after the Greatest warrior who was buried on the high hills, are so large that the sheer beauty of the landscape can cleanse a soul.
Each element thought to claim an area for ones self: Air, the high mountains is where he stays to keep away from the people. The followers of air, mostly nomads, stay near the extreme mountains to stay at one with their leader.
Water: The Swamps, what they are known as, is where Water can be a peace as he keeps his silence under the water where the noise of the world is blocked off.
Earth: The plains of Cole, deep under the ground he hides until the people leave the area. Also taken a vow of silence until the land cleanses of the dirt and pollution the people continue to leave, even after all the disasters that earth continues to cause.
Fire: Deep in the Volcano, under all the magma he lays, and shows his face in the city of Seren, who is so sick of all people destroying what him and his brethren worked so hard to create, and powers Faro, to kill every being. Tricking the dictator into believing that it is his sole duty to kill the population.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Since the beginning of human existence there has always been feuding and fighting. With worship it was to only gets worse, the elements didn't even want to be worshiped. They wanted to watch existence happen, and just be left out of it. The humans called themselves the Air or Water or Earth or Fire Warriors or Knights, it all depended on the culture.
The start of all the hating was when an Army of Water Knights invaded a small camp of fire knights. It was more like two knights and six or seven merchants. The Kingdom of Seren, before it was in its modern shape, who's King was part of the Order of Fire Knights. Enraged at the water society he launched a full on attack towards the swamps, the leaders of the swamps didn't see anything, expect rape and pillage. The Army of Water halted and waited to flank from it position, the Army of Fire, wasn't left with one man standing. Seren was sent into a state of turmoil, the king was hanged and a new leader was put in charge.
The whole time The Elements watched this happen, scared to make contact because of the idea of Divine Right, they stayed back and let it happen. But as the feuding continued Fire and Water both chose one being to try to stop the battles through mystical forces. The mystical powers took over all thought to the beings and they claimed to be the divine leaders of the corresponding armies. No one would challenge them, they were given to much power. Air and Earth appointed a leader and gave them mystical powers, for safety reasons against Fire and Water's armies.
The defenses of the other Elemental armies insulted The Army of Water and they sent full on assaults at Earth and Airs Armies, this would continue for eight years, until each Element Killed the Armies Generals, by suspending the generals in air and letting them starve to death. This stopped all war between the Armies, the beings to scarred that the suspension would happen to themselves public worship was stopped.
The elements realized how weak the beings that they made were. Hundreds of years passed before any elemental contact would be made again.

Contact Info: Skype: s0nzoffear
Anything else?: The second character in my Skype is a ZERO (ALOT of people get that wrong)
Also: I'd Prefer to lead all the Stories on the Lengendaries but that's on you, also I work well with other people.
Accepted. I'll be PMing you with some details.


-We'll be working with FireRed as a base.
-The filesharing will be through Dropbox.
-All storyline writer positions have been filled.