Varion Bluefire

A.K.A The Glitch

Age 25
Seen January 3rd, 2015
Posted October 4th, 2014
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6.5 Years
Applying for: Music Hacker
Skill level: 7.5/10 (I can insert muisc, not make music)
Allotted Time: A day or two a week. Roughly a few hours is all I need for inserting music and testing and what not.
Proof of Work: (

Contact Info: VM/PM or Skype: varion.bluefire
Anything else?: For me to insert music, you need to have a pretty good diea of what music you'd like. Since I don't do OC's it would have to be music from other games. So for example, Cherrygrove City from GSC into FR format.

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