Seen December 17th, 2013
Posted November 29th, 2013
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I didn't repointed anything. It's clean rom.

It doesn't work on Leaf Green either.
When Launching Fire red, there is no any error. Just all lists are blank.
When Launching Leaf Green, there is an error: "Cannot convert from &H string to INTEGER" or something like that.

In both cases, there are clean roms and unchanged ini files.

Program works great on Emerald, so probably the problem is only on FR/LG.

Also, I have a question about this tool. Is it possible to change effect type (ex. from none to other, or from any to none/other) with it? Or is it read only?
I'm not English spoken guy, so sorry if my sentences are not gramatically correct. I hope, you (all) can understand me.

Conor Broekhart