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Posted July 24th, 2018
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Paoloreaper, congratulations you absolute machine. I can't believe anyone would do this for my hack, I'm feeling so god damn honoured. Please do tell me if the event with professor birch runs smoothly, I've never actually playtested it legitimately!!
Yep that's right, you've beaten the game's creator in your quest to catch em all. Congratulations!!! I'm gonna be fixing a certain missing monster over the weekend. It might be included in the dex counter, so report back if the event doesn't seem to be happening and I'll show you how to fix it.
regardless of which one you pick, you can evolve the gift into any option you choose using fire/thunder/water stones. Enjoy!
OMG the honour is mine! Your hack is awesome and I loved it <3
The event works perfectly!
I chose Articuno :p (If that's the event you're talking about :o)
One thing tho, when you collect the Aurora Ticket from the secret Birch's Lab, when you try to enter again after that, the room becomes glitched and entering causes a entirely black room :p

On a related note, I'm replaying some stuff and I forgot about where
the guy who activate the tickets is :(
Can you help me with that? My memory is fragile at times haha :(
Thank you for everything ! <3
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