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Seen August 1st, 2018
Posted March 1st, 2018
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Ooh that's perfect, thank you so much! I'll be sure to return the favor when I can, I can also breed a Shiny for you, if you wish :)
I prefer 1:1 trades as well, that's why I often accept 1 Aprimon for 1 Shiny. Since I can clone, I don't mind doing that. So it will be this weekend? :)

Edit: Looked at your wants again and I have a Shiny Male Dustox, Shiny Male Budew (This one is non redis and you want a Male Roselia), and a Shiny Female Meowstic. Would those interest you as well?
Yes, I should be free Saturday night after 10PM MST (going to roller derby that night). I should also be free Sunday morning and early afternoon.
I'll go for the Dustox and Meowstic. So feel free to choose an additional two things off of my lists(s).
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