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Shelby Hampton

“Are you going to help me unpack or just stand around eating snacks all day?” Shelby rolled her eyes at her sister’s nagging and tied her hair in a sloppy bun, blowing a few strands of hair from her face. She adjusted her glasses and sighed. She didn’t understand why Audrey felt the sudden need to stay by her side so much. She had already gotten what she wanted. Couldn’t she go to her own dorm with her nose buried in a book like always? Why did she pick now to try and hang around, when just months ago she had been begging to leave?

“You invited yourself here, Audrey. I told you I could unpack on my own. Shouldn’t you be in your own dorm?” Shelby put a few candy bars into her sweater pocket and looked over at her twin. Even though they looked practically identical, they had completely different clothing choices. Shelby enjoyed wearing jeans and comfortable sweaters, while Audrey preferred to look like a typical prep with blouses, ties, and plaid skirts making up most of her wardrobe. The older Hampton twin took time to curl her hair perfectly every morning, even dabbling in makeup a little bit and switching out her glasses for contacts. Today she was dressed in a blue blazer over a white blouse and a plaid skirt. Her face scrunched up as she looked over at her younger sister, who had quietly opened a candy bar while she was distracted.

“If you keep eating snacks like that, Shub, you’re going to get fat.”

Shub. Shelby hated that nickname. It was a stupid childhood nickname from one of the playground bullies in Nacrene, but it had somehow stuck with her all these years. She would have thought that her sister would have picked up on the fact that she didn’t like the name. Then again, Audrey wasn’t that great at picking up on other people’s feelings. Books hadn’t been able to teach her that. She had a habit of bluntly saying whatever came to her mind, either not caring or just not aware of how it made her look. It was a great tool for fending off unwanted attention from boys on the playground... Not so great for personal relationships.

“I’m going for a walk. If you’re going to hang around in my dorm, don’t stay too long,” Shelby huffed, holding the candy in her mouth as she grabbed Cream from the bed. The Vanillite let out a puff of cold breath as she was picked up and rolled her eyes. Her soft complaint went ignored by her trainer, who plucked her backpack from the floor and left the room before Audrey could say anything. Shelby didn’t care much about where she went. She just wanted to be away from her sister.
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