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C) As cringey as using my masterball go would be I aint letting a Garchomp go to waste.

Seriously though who carries no revives or other pokeballs?

You are the director of a musical and there a four pokemons who have caught your attention as potential sopranos for the beautiful, golden-haired Johanna in Scyther Todd. Only one female can have the role.

A) Jigglypuff. She has a likeable on screen presence that fits the youth and sweetness of the character. She also is very emotional and dramatic, great in the climaxtic scenes. She is a bit of a diva, though on set, known for throwing drinks in the faces of cast mates and even drawing on them while they sleep! She has talent, but needs maturity. Her voice is pretty and youthful, but some say that her voice puts them to sleep...

B) Primarina. This pokemon has a beautiful and more skillfully trained singing voice than the latter with extensive experience in the performing arts. She is also a shiny Primarina with the lovely, long yellow hair described for the character. She is also a professional to work with, very warm on stage and off. She however as a fully evolved Pokemon is older than the 16 year-old protagonist and may be be too mature and operatic sounding for the musical and too old physically for the role, despite her talent.

C) Meloetta. This Pokemon would seem to have it all. She is pretty and has the gentle, girlish physical features of the character. Has a superb singing voice and has an enchanting presence on stage. However, she is extremely shy, suffers from chronic stage fright and has had trouble arriving on schedule. You worry she might be a no show during her big scenes! She also has a habbit of wanting to break out in dance, even though there are no dancing scenes! This is a bit awkward.

D) Altaria. She has the ravishing flutey,bird-like coloratura singing required for the part and an innocent, a loveliness that delights those around her. The only problem is that she may not have as much mobility as her competitors. She is usually stuck in a cloud up high, its a bit awkward having a flying Pokemon in the role because you have to adjust the theater to accommodate her. This also presents issues with her on-screen love interest Dhelmise who plays the sailor Anthony Hope. It will be difficult for them to interact and embrace since one Pokemon is always heavy and weighted down low and the other is always flitting around up high.

What to do? Everyone has their strengths, but nobody is perfect.

Name: Narcissus
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

I got Haxorus on "What Dragon-Type Pokemon are you?"