Castle of the Crystal
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Haha, I haven't seen the play, but I've seen the 2007 movie and this made me laugh!

I'm rather torn. As cute as Jigglypuff would be, I think Meloetta suits this particular role the best. Her size and features are fitting; I can picture her seated on the windowsill, singing Green Taillow & Starly Bird, while a lovelorn Dhelmise gazes from the street below. Though she may be unreliable behind the scenes, I think her shyness would shine through in the character she portrays: gentle, quiet, lonely Johanna.


Your best friend called with exciting newsshe's making her grand debut on stage with her hero, Brycen! Your presence there would mean the world to her, and she even reserved you the best seat in the theatre.

But there's a dilemma. Your partner returns home with equally exciting news! They've finally made it to the Pokmon League! This has been their lifelong dream, and they've been working so hard to reach this point. It would mean the world to them if you were by their side, rooting them on.

That's not all! As an aspiring Pokmon professor, you have your own goals to pursue. A very prestigious group of scientists have invited you to join their ranks, and you're required to meet them for an interview. This could be your big chance!

However, these events occur on the same day. It's either one or the other. Which will you choose?

A) You've known your best friend all your life, you can't just let her down! This is the highlight of her career. It might even be the last time you really get to see herif the play is a success, she'll be a star, travelling the world.

B) Your partner has come all this way, surely you should be there to support them. With you by their side, they'll have the confidence to win!

C) It hurts you to do this, but you decide to let both of them down. You have your own future to think about, and it'd be foolish to decline such a wonderful opportunity. After all, if they love you, they'll forgive you.

D) There's a fourth option, but it's risky. There happens to be a couple of Zoroarks living at your labyou'll send one to the theatre and the other to your partner, both disguised as yourself, while the real you meets with the scientists. It's rather dishonest, and the repercussions could be huge, but if things go well, then everyone will be happy.
"You're my guardian angel,
My light and my guide.
Your hand on my shoulder
And you by my side.
You make everything beautiful,
You make me complete!
Everything in my world,
I lay at your feet..."