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If not for the weather conditions, I'd easily choose the cottage in Snowpoint City! But me and the cold do not mix, haha. So I'll go for B! It'd be scary (I'm a country girl), yet the idea of having my own apartment is quite exciting in itself!

You're an Eevee who's about to come of age! It's tradition to commemorate the occasion by choosing which form to evolve into: Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon, each with its own highlights. What will it be?

A) Vaporeon. Water has always been your element, and you'd love nothing more than to simply while away the hours in a glittering lake or clear blue sea. These Bubble Jet Pokmon are robust yet graceful. They meet little conflict and are ideal for anyone seeking tranquillity. However, water is central to their very existence, so they're tied to a mostly aquatic life.

B) Jolteon. Spirited, adventurous and full of zeal, these Lightning Pokmon are the perfect form to take if the fast life is more your style. Jolteon are independent creatures by nature. They love the great outdoors and are always on the move. Because of this, Jolteon tend to journey solo, and settling down is a foreign concept to them. A game of sports is their idea of fun!

C) Flareon. Sociable and passionate, they love a good debate. They are at their happiest when surrounded by friends, but enjoy alone time now and then in order to collect their thoughts and cool their head. These Flame Pokmon thrive in the heat. What a blessing it would be if summer lasted all year long! To them, there's nothing like basking in the sun.
"You're my guardian angel,
My light and my guide.
Your hand on my shoulder
And you by my side.
You make everything beautiful,
You make me complete!
Everything in my world,
I lay at your feet..."