still ticking and tocking to this day

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(c) i pick Marquess Sabrina, considering her quiet and intellingent nature i feel like we'd get along well.

you're in a high level league battle, using your trusty Nidoking in the front, and your Steelix and Vileplume in your pokeballs, the Nidoking only has a third of his health remaining and the opponent is currently using a Whimsicott with an unknown pokémon in the back, what is your move?

a) tell Nidoking to use Poison Jab, there's no way Whimsicott is faster than Nidoking.

b) swap to Steelix and tell him to use Iron Head, tanking Whimsicott's attack.

c) swap to Vileplume and use Acid, giving Whimsicott a chance to do whatever it wants.

d) forfeit, this decision is too hard.
tickity tock it goes, tickity tock it never stops, tickity tock there he goes