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“Tashirooooo, breakfast is ready come’on inside!” Mom called out to Tashiro. “Just what I wanted to hear, right Mareep?” Tashiro said as he put down the sheers he had. “Reep!” The small Pokémon called out happily. “I’ll finish tidying you up after breakfast, let’s eat!” Tashiro said as he ran for the front door. Tashiro was the “Milkboy” for the Moo Moo ranch, famous for their delicious Moo Moo milk. He also was the son of the recent Pokémon League Champion, Ichizo Shouchi.

Along with his best friend Mareep Tashiro gets up early every morning and deliver Moo Moo Milk to the residents of Goldenrod, Ecruteak, and Olivine City. But today wasn’t just a normal day of delivery oh no, today was gonna be one of the most important deliveries in his life. Today was the day he delivered to the famous Professor Oak himself! “What’s for breakfast today ma I’m so hungry I could eat a Tauros!” Tashiro said as he plopped down at the kitchen table. “Well you’re in luck my son I got just the thing for your aching stomach, scrambled Delibird eggs and a slice of grilled Miltank.” Mrs. Shouchi said as she turned around and giving him his plate. Tashiro’s eyes lit up as if the plate was a scared treasure. He took no time into digging in, devouring the plate in minutes. “Today’s the big day isn’t it? Making your way right on down to New Bark Town right?” Mrs. Shouchi asked. “Sure is! I’m heading that way after I meet Tamika in Ecruteak.” Toshiro said, washing down the food with a glass of milk. “Thanks for the food Ma I’m out of here, Let’s hit the road Mareep!” Tashiro scurried out of the house with Mareep trailing behind him.

Tashiro made his way into the barn where they kept the Miltank that lived on the farm. He quickly milked enough of them for six bottles and put them in his backpack. “I thought you’d be all set by now Tashiro, you’re so slow!” A voice called out to Tashiro. He quickly turned around to see a young girl with long brown hair and green eyes standing at the barn door. Her small electric Pokémon Pichu standing by her side. “Oh give me a break Tamika today’s a big day I’m moving as fast as I can you know?” Tashiro said. “Yeah whatever slow Tashiro let’s get going I’m sooooo excited to meet Oak, maybe he’ll make me his assistant and finally bring you around to becoming a Pokémon trainer!” Tamika said grinning from ear to ear.

“Not interested really Tamika I’m fine with what I’m doing now. Without me who will get our delicious milk?” Tashiro said with a smile. “Reep!” Mareep cried in agreement. “Well let’s have a Pokémon battle I’m sure that’ll change your mind right Pichu?!” Tamika said. “Pi, Pichu!” Pichu cried. “Well if you insist. Let’s go Mareep!” Tashiro yelled. And what looks like to be Tashiro’s and Mareep’s first battle together would now be underway!