Castle of the Crystal
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aaaaaaaa, I want to pick (d) so bad! But being the animal-rescuer sort that I am, my reaction would most certainly be (b), haha! Gotta save that (possibly) drowning Slugma!


You're setting out on a big journey and your bag is packed with all the essentials: food, water, money, a map, the underwear your mum told you not to forget, etc. You only have room for one thing left! However, you're torn between four of your most cherished possessions! Which of these do you choose?

(a) Your trusty fishing rod, an item no trainer should be without! This stick with a string on the end is capable of reeling in some astonishing dei ex machina!

(b) A mysterious orb said to have the power to turn other beings into apples!

(c) The self-replenishing, self-cooling tub of ice cream that was ominously delivered to your address one day. Sounds like the dream... if only there wasn't a 99.9% 50% chance of being poisoned with every scoop!

(d) A Slugma-proof jacket. In the event of encountering a Slugma, one should always be prepared to hug it!

(e) Screw your essentials, you're emptying them out and taking all of the above!
"You're my guardian angel,
My light and my guide.
Your hand on my shoulder
And you by my side.
You make everything beautiful,
You make me complete!
Everything in my world,
I lay at your feet..."